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About Me

Since early childhood, I was drawn to the mystic nature of life. I was gifted with clairvoyance. I had a quest to know more and more about life. Life was enigmatic, a puzzle and a riddle. Could there be a Mantra to find solutions to heal the pains of life? As I grew older the angst in me became more acute. My quest for knowledge, took me to the doorsteps of many learned people. I read books on astrology, palmistry, numerology etc.

I learned Tarot and got the certificate but I was not complacent.I worked hard and harder. I have been practicing tarot reading for about last fifteen years. I have written articles on tarot for magazines and papers. I feel happy and blessed when people find answers and solutions to their complicate problems.

Besides tarot reading, I love reading. I am a postgraduate in literature and a freelance writer. Blessed with clairvoyance, intuitive skills and experience of many years, I love to decode the symbolic and metaphorical language of tarot cards. It is my mission to solve all the problems of people who come to me.